Alexander Spangher: Data Visualization Portfolio

I love visualizing data using D3 and Javascript. Finding creative ways to bring time-dependent choropleths to life is what gets me most excited. Below is a sample of both published and unpublished visualization work. (For more about me, see here.)

Election 2016 Times Datelines

A D3/Photoshop visualization of all the datelines filed by 6 New York Times political reporters in The Times over the course of the 2016 Presidential Election..

Published in The New York Times: 19 Countries, 43 States, 327 Cities: Mapping The Times’s Election Coverage.

Paris Map:

A D3 visualization of dateline counts for articles published in The New York Times in the 48 hours after the 2016 Paris attacks.

Published in CJR: What the Paris attacks tell us about how foreign news gets made

Columbia Library Map:

A D3 visualization of student ID-card swipe-ins to Columbia Libraries throughout the day. Data derived from total daily counts averaged over the year. (Heatmap represents percent of peak swipe-ins for each library.)

Published in Columbia Spectator here: Plan your library visit (and never camp out again) with our handy interactive map. NOTE: Links in the Spectator piece are down following reformatting.

(Draft) Bangladesh Climate Migration Map (Scroller):

A D3 Scroller accompanying a story about climate-induced migration in Bangladesh. Story by Casey Williams, graphic by me. See full-size rendering here, and another rough graphic for the story here. Data retrieved from Bangladesh government satellite records.

100 Years of Pulitzer Data (Multi-level Stepper):

A D3 stepper visualizing demographic and topic tags for each Pulitzer Prizes awarded over the hundred-year period 1916-2016.

Published in CJR here: Eye on the Prize.

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